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Jan 3, 2010

Victorias Secret

Victorias Secret is having their amazing semi-annual sale!!!
My friends and I were shopping in the Tampa outlets, enjoying our break, when we came across this pleasant surprise :)
I'm only going to put up pictures of the lipglosses I bought, and NOT the unmentionables, haha :)
I don't buy Victorias Secret makeup, but I love their Beauty Rush lipglosses because they are so cute and so yummy!
So the lipglosses are usually 7 bucks a pop, but during the sale they were only 1.75! SCORE!
So I picked up 7 of those for about 10 bucks!
They also had the bombshell bra on sale, and i got one in orange. THIS BRA IS FREAKING AMAZING!
They also had a ton of cute panties for like 5 bucks each, so I got about 6. They're all so cute! I got all boyshorts, since those are my favorite :)

So here are the glosses:

From left to right: Sugar High, Strawberry Fizz, Bananas!, Cupquake, Spring Fling, Vanillaminty, Cherry Bomb

Sugar High: A clear gloss with some subtle glitter flecks. Has a sweet taste, but I can't put an exact name to it. A basic makeup must-have with a little extra :)

Strawberry Fizz: I actually bought this mainly because juicystar07 said it was one of her favorites! It's a cute, shimmery light/medium pink. It tastes like sweet strawberries!

Bananas!: This one is probably my favorite! It's a nice peachy-neutral gloss with lots of gold reflects in it. It tases like banana laffy taffy!

Cupquake: This is a really cute bright purple color with lots of purple/pink shimmer. The taste/smell comes unbeliveably close to that of an actual cupcake!

Spring Fling: This is one of my faves, because it's pretty unique. The color in the tube is this pale blue/green shade, but I'm pretty sure it goes on almost clear with blue/green glitter. Tastes like honeydew melon!

Vanillaminty: This pale lavender color goes on very sheer. The vanilla taste isn't too noticeable, it's pretty much all mint. I like it because it can freshen up bad breath :p

Cherry bomb: This color is a nice hot pink with red swirl. It lokks nice and pigmented on the lips with some nice red reflects. Tastes like sweet cherries, like a Shirley Temple :)

Hope you enjoyed! What do you think of VS makeup? Any good? And if you like them, what is your favorite beauty product from Victorias Secret?

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid by any comapny/product mentioned. I am not being paid for this review and used all my own money for everything mentioned.