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Dec 6, 2009

China Glaze Up & Away Collection

I must say, this collection is really exciting! I like it because it features matte/satin pastel colors, which are my favorite in a nail polish. I've been on a nail kick lately, so I will probably find myself ordering all of them in order to build my NP collection :)

Anyways, here are some pictures of the colors. Tell me what you think!
(Pictures from

Top row: Heli-Yum, Sugar High, High Hopes, Peachykeen, Happy Go Lucky, Lemon Fizz
Bottom Row: Four Leaf Clover, Flyin’ High, Re-Fresh Mint, Grape Pop, Light As Air, Something Sweet

I really like Happy go Lucky, Grape Pop, Re-Fresh Mint, and Four Leaf Clover. These colors are all very unique.
I will probably order them from, because CG nailpolish costs 2 bucks a pop there!
I will make a post with swatches and reviews when they arrive :)

FTC law: I am no way affiliated with, china glaze, or these people/companies are not paying me or sending me anything. This is not a paid review and I plan on purchasing the iteams with my own money.


Welcome to my blog! This blog was created for beauty blogging purposes. I have been following the beauty commuity for a good few years now, and decided that it's about time I join!
I hope to achieve a lot from this. This type of stuff gets me excited haha :)

For now, I am just going to introduce myself and get a few beauty posts out of the way. I can do a get-to-know me post later :)

Here are some places you can find me/contact me:

(note that my twitter account name does not match the name of my other accounts. Twitter wouldn't let me fit my whole username)

Public/Buisness e-mail:

These accounts, as well as the blog, are still works in progress :)
But overall, I am SO EXCITED!

Some people who have inspired me:
1) temptalia
2) scrangie
3) xsparkage on youtube
4) Allthatglitters21 and juicystar07
5) petrilude on youtube
6) countless others!!!